Rates and Services

The following is a list of lunch/dinner/snack combinations and their current prices. The only time I'll change my rate once we start is if gas prices suddenly skyrocket, or if produce or other groceries inexplicably increase, and we'll discuss options thoroughly before any changes take place.

Weekly Rates/Structures
based on a 60% organic diet using some local products

3 dinners (2 "simple" 1 "complex") - 200.
2 dinners (1 "simple" 1 "complex) and 1 lunch (2 servings) - 200.
2 dinners (1 "complex" 1 "simple") and 2 different lunches (2 servings each) - 220.
3 dinners (1 "complex" 2 "simple") and 2 different lunches (2 servings each) - 250.
3 dinners (2 "complex" 1 "simple") and 1 lunch (2 servings) - 250.
3 dinners (1 "complex" 2 "simple") and 2 different lunches (2 servings each) plus a snack of your choice - (guacamole and chips, sweet potato fries and ranch, hummus and crudite) - 260.

I'm super flexible except for one detail - my minimum. The minimum charge is 200 weekly for meal planning and cooking.

These prices are all inclusive - groceries, hourly rate, and delivery/driving/shopping time, if appicable.

By complex and simple, I mean thusly: Risotto Stuffed Squash with Tomato Concasse and Sauteed Spinach is a "complex" meal. Pizza night is a "simple" one. Prep time is the big difference between the two. Also, complex dinners tend to be larger, so usually, there are leftovers.

Ethnic meals such as Ethipian Feast with Injera, spiced Lentils, Collards, and Potato Carrot Saute are usually "complex" meals.

Remember - you can contact me with any questions you might have, I love talking food. And I'll always do my best to structure a weekly schedule that works perfectly for you and your family.