Saturday, April 24, 2010

I used to hate spring.

Until I started gardening.

For whatever reason - pastel colors, too much sun, Spring Cleaning. Since I started growing my own tomatoes, squash, cukes and whatevers, I find myself looking forward (somewhat, at least) to warmth, sun, rain, all that heralds the end of winter. Autumn still has my heart but Spring'll do for now.

Our local farmer's market scene, while small compared to places like NYC and (closer) Atlanta, is pretty verdant. It's growing yearly, too, which is exciting to watch. This week, the first of the asparagus appeared - and there were lots of big eyes and grabbing hands. Smugness, like you'd just robbed a bank. Awesome.

Our garden, as usual, will be mater-full and super water-needy. But tomatoes, more than any other vegetable, exemplify the reasons to grow your own food - picked fresh off the vine they are sharp, succulent, textural, phenomenal. Worth the schlepping and gentle, careful care, for sure. I can't wait.

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