Monday, June 14, 2010

A Tale of Two Spinach Dips

What's five blocks long, super-corporate, and unsure of what it is? Why, Taste of Charlotte, of course!

Seriously, talk about squandered potential. This could be a celebration of the amazing cultural and gastronomic diversity Charlotte has to offer - a showcase for our local cheese, beer, culinary twists and originality - instead, it's a long, narrow corridor of corporate food-land with the occasional local restaurant thrown in for, you know, charm. It seemed like half the booths were chains. This was my first time, and at 20 bucks for coins (2 beers and three dishes worth) plus 10 for parking, it'll probly be my last.

The roasted red pepper sammich from Blynk was decent:


The gazpacho from Bravo! (no idea what this place is) was, eh, ok:

And, lo and behold, spinach dip was everywhere. The pile I had from Village Tavern was good, but being given the distinction of yummiest bite of the day at a food festival this yawn-worthy can't mean much.

Of course, Woodlands and Namaste were there, and a pal tried the Veg Platter, which was tasty (some sort of Saag - not sure if there were any chickpeas, but the naan and rice were good, curry spicy and awesome) but since we were looking for new stuffs to nosh, not places we already know and love, twas a bit disappointing.

Overall, I'm left with some questions: were booths super-expensive to rent, thus the small presence of mom n pops? Are we TRYING to look boring to out of towners (in a city known for its banks and finance "scene" we really don't need any more help in this department)? I mean, seriously, the AARP mobile health van at the end was probably the coolest thing here, since you could walk in and get all sorts of health info, fo fwee.


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