Monday, July 26, 2010

Totally un-food related, but awesome nonetheless

My pals over at Bad Idea Potluck are hosting a pretty tempting essay contest. And seriously, the inspirational images are pretty spot-on (when's the last time you thought about the Crow? '99? Ya, me too).

Got me thinking a little about food and movies. And by thinking, I mean reminding me of a couple scenes that have always made me hungry/had some effect on the house menu after watching said movies.

Goodfellas - his ma is so awesome. I remember going hunting for a TVP meatball recipe after watching that scene, once. Plus, the ketchup? Hilarious.

I admit it. I think Ratatouille is cute. I also admit to attempting the big finale dish at least once. This guy's was much prettier than mine.

Hannibal - gross, but true - I LOVE that final scene, full of formal dining ware, evil, ritual, and oh yeah, some jackass's brain. Being flambeed. Then fed to a 6 year old. Yes. Makes me want crepes.


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