Saturday, August 21, 2010

Ides of August

Even though I really didn't need to go this week (yay broke!), I found myself at the Farmer's market, as usual, this morning. With a 10 dollar bill in my pocket.

As soon as I walked into building two, this bad boy caught my eye (and 5 of those precious dollars, predictably):

Sorry, Brokeness, but when the edible forest floor stares me in the eye, money just falls outta my pockets.

And, as many of you know, it's scuppernong season! So globetastic. That muscadine wine I bought last week, however, not so great - going to make an awesome deglazing liquid, though.

Did I brag about peaches yet? No? Well, consider yourself snarkily bragged to (unless, you know, you live round these parts and are swimming in amazing SC peaches, just like me, in which case I believe a smug hifive is in order instead *hifive*):

Sooooo goooood. One last shot of gratuitous tomato porn and I'm off:


  1. That's mainly the reason I don't go to farmers markets - my wallet is very empty after just 15 minutes!

  2. Totally. It's best when I have to go for work and have a list to guide me - otherwise it's unbridled impulse purchasing until my wallet runs dry.