Saturday, September 18, 2010

Fallish Haul

Pickins are definitely slimming, but there's still tons. Late season lettuce and greens are coming in, still in bean-land, but the tomatoes are gradually disappearing. We're going to miss them.

But this is it, the weather I wait all year for - dry, breezy, cool. Leaves are already all over the dang place. Happy.

Cool stuffs this week - contraband goat cheese, freshly-ground cornmeal, and more awesome longbeans. And tons of mushrooms. Mmmm.

Seriously, I'm stoked about that 'meal. Isn't it gorgeous?

Anson Mills, eat yer heart out! Mwa! Just kidding, I love you.

(you know that stuff's gonna end up in a tamale, right?)

And free stuff is always prettier than non-free stuff:

Mmm, pears.

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