Sunday, September 12, 2010

Freaky greeky, ya'll

Yiasou Greek Fest!

Yeah, there was a ton of made-in-China wares with their tags cut out, and the lines for food were easily an hour deep, but what a rad little party. Seeing the Church I've driven by for years was cool, the crowd was suuuuper-eclectic and friendly, and there were enough tables and stoops for everyone to grab a seat whilst stuffing their face. The food, of course, was the main draw for us:

spanikopita, tiropita

Better than mine, the above spinach pastry. Aaargh!

greek frites. authentic? no. tasty? ya!

Ok, I know that white sauce above looks blawhatever, but it was basically a super-garlicky, ranch flavored tzatziki. Almost awesome enough to cut through the potato starch when you got to the center of each fry. Almost.

Baklava sundae!

The above pile of ice cream and crushed, freshly constructed baklava was, easily, the star of the show. The ice cream was pretty generic - I'm tempted to try a version with homemade honey-vanilla scoops and see how sugar high I can get. A sweet to tempt even dessert-hating me.

There were 5 dollar (yikes!) Mythos, of which I had many:

See you next year, awesomefest. Until then, I'll be working on my spanikopita.

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