Friday, November 12, 2010

Nyerd alert - stenciling with Tomato Powder!

I previously mentioned this new, silly trick I've been pulling occasionally - grabbing a doily, or some cool cut-out placemat and dusting savory things with tomato powder.

I took it to the next level for a friend of mine's going away party. She was moving to NYC, so I purloined Glaser's lovely logo, cut it out of a thick piece of paper, and went to town on a Crepe Cake glazed with a thick bechamel:

Yeah, that's what I thought to myself when I finished. "Wow. I'm a nerd."

Was thinking it, as I shot an in-process shot:

Still thinking it, when I took multiple views, for posterity:

It was a hit for the 6 seconds people stared at the thing before devouring it like a pack of wild, crepe-starved werewolves. Good times.

I found some spinach powder the other day, from the same source as the 'mater dust. If you'd like to try your own food stenciling, Frontier sells stuff online. Cheers!

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