Thursday, January 20, 2011

Single Serve

I don't usually post pics of what gets delivered/stored for my clients to nosh later because blech, tupperware, but I totally enjoyed this little ditty:

Fennel and Tomato Risotto, Cheese and Spinach Stuffed Porto, awesome sprouts, awesomer olive.

Amazingly, this meal comes in at about 1200 calories. Looks more expensive than that to me!


  1. Love this too! I have a fennel plant growing in a pot on my roof terrace that is nearly ready to harvest, soI am looking for worthy dishes!

  2. Sweet!

    I adore fennel. I think it's best roasted no matter what you do with it after - brings out the sweet, anise-y undertones, so for this I tossed in olive oil and stuck in a 500f oven for 10-15, flipping often. Then proceeded with the risotto. Nom!