Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Whaddaya mean, you want vinaigrette?

With my move to Charlotte a couple years back came a few new things.

A certain twangy affectation, usually when I'm drinking around the natives
A heretofore unknown, fiery passion for gardening
8 pounds, which I attribute totally to Ranch Dressing.

Fried zucchini? Comes with ranch. Fries? Ranch. Burger? Ranch on there. Ya, everywhere's got bottles of mustard and ketchup out, but they're just for show - EVERYONE dips EVERYTHING in the "house sauce".

During the summer, Erk and I tend to go semi-vegan, and this summer'll be no different. So what's a girl with a ranch-obsessed SO to do? Whip some tofu and lemon juice together, maybe some pickle juice, mince some herbs and garlic, and proclaim the results Vegan Ranch, that's what.

(And if you think this is good, wait till you see Vegan Blue Cheese - that'll be next week, and there's a killer secret ingredient to be revealed)

Vegan Ranch Dressin'

1 tub medium-firm tofu
Juice of 1 lemon
4 tablespoons chive oil
3 tablespoons dill pickle juice
4 cloves garlic, minced fine
1 tsp mustard, spicy
1.5 tablespoons each - minced parsley, chives and dill, fresh
20-30 twists of your pepper grinder (yup, I like mine punchy)

In a blender, blend the first 4 ingredients until super-smooth (you can add a little more oil if you need to, and remember to scrape down the sides as you go). Scrape the white sauce into a bowl and add remaining ingredients.

Taste for salt and add a little more if you need, but usually the pickle juice + mustard is enough for moi. Resist the temptation to add nutritional yeast - this is just tangy enough as it is.

Keeps for a week or two in the fridgedero. Killer with dippables - carrots, cukes, etc - or thinned with a tiny bit of water and poured over your favorite delicious salad.

Oh ya.


  1. As a person with a ranch obsessed SO, I declare this brilliant. It started with dipping pizza in ranch for me. But yesterday, I was dipping my avocado roll in it. Well, it was actually blue cheese dressing but it amounts to the same thing. This has to stop.

  2. Don't deny what your southern roots are craving grrrrl!

    God, I reallllly need to come up with vegan blue cheese, since I was droolingly staring at someone dipping her fries in in last night. She kept glancing at me out of the corner of her eye, I think it was weirding her out.


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