Tuesday, July 19, 2011

So you say chocolate is your favorite?

Are you sure? Super sure? 100% on that?

A couple of days ago was my cuz's birthday, and while she's a devout fan of all things choco (and waaay across the country for me, which proved disastrous for my intestines, wait for it) I decided to make her a cake.

You know how I'm obsessed with taking foods that are normally presented in a portable manner and cakifying them. Well maybe not quite obsessed yet but I'm getting close. This one was killer - iced with hot sauce and hummus, delicious and messy.

And since I'm ALL ABOUT a day old, been in the fridge for a bit falafel, all squishy, mushy, flavors blended, you know this thang was right up my alley.

Ok so maybe it's not for everyone - as Erk reminded me. Meaning, I had enough falafel cake for a party of 10 to get through all by myself.

I ate falafel for 2 out of three meals daily for 3 days. It was not a wise choice. My belly's still a little pissed. Was it the copious amounts of salt? Legume overload? Just...density fail? Who knows, dear readers - but I advise against creating this monster unless you have brave pals around to help you consume it.

Those hot pink bits? Pickled turnips. Get yee some from yee local middle-eastern grocer - they're amazing.


  1. This is wonderful! Such a novel idea and it looks very tasty too, lovely photos :)

  2. So creative and beautiful. Tomorrow's my birthday and I'd like a falafel cake!

  3. That looks so delicious! I'm guessing it was the legume overload. Happens to me too.

    I'm all about chocolate too, but I would eat that for my birthday in a heartbeat (as long as I didn't have to make it, and had help eating it).

  4. where's the recipe! this is amazing !

  5. @procrastibaker - mwaha, thank ya!

    @winnie - aww happy birthday!!

    @kristina - methinks you are correct. Next time i'll make sure to have a falafel cake party so as not to hurt myself.

    @se - ha sorry! Its pretty simple - get a batch of lavash, prep enough falafel for 4 people, chop you fixins, and layer bread, hummus, falafel and veggie, repeat, then top with another piece of lavash. Press for 20 minutes, chill, slice and serve!

  6. What a creative idea!!! Thanks for sharing :)

  7. Brilliant. You're my hero now, as anythink cakeifed is a big star in my book. I will HAVE to make this, sooner than later.

    Have you cakeifed Thanksgiving? I did last year, wonderful.

  8. That's just awesome. I want to take all my favorite flatbread sandwiches and cake-ify them.

  9. I am a terrible cook and never eat falafel. Can you like spell this out step by step? Was the falafel originally in patty/ball form and it is now crumhled? Also, what kind of fixin's did you use.

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