Monday, November 28, 2011

Sweet Potato Avocado Rolls with Maple Tamari Reduction

Yeeeeeeeehaw, let's go ahead and just put the sesame seeds away. It's ok. I've got something different for you to try.

Bit of a disclosure: this roll was supposed to be pumpkin and avocado, but by time I got to chopping and roasting the huge pumpkin I'd had lying around for a while, and discovering its sinewy reluctance to be delicious at all, well, the cute little sweet tater hanging in my produce basket was looking mighty fine. And so it got roasted. And cut into cubey strips. And wrapped in nori with a good friend (avocado) and coconut rice.

And rolled in toasted, salted pumpkin seeds. So good.

Earthy, nutty little suckers. A lovely coating - even when lying next to fellow rolls, being squished and leaned on, no one got stuck to each other. Uber easy to cut, even with my (gasp) non-recently sharpened knife.  Higher protein, these seeds, perhaps? Who knows, but for taste alone, I'd do it again. Maybe with some tempeh bacon next time, oh yeah.

And let's not forget - a small saucepan, half maple syrup, half tamari, healthy dash of smoked habanero poweder, simmered down to the consistency of balsamic reduction, drizzled over top with a fork. This isn't salty sushi. This is Prelude to Pumpkin Pie sushi.

Sweet Potato Avocado Sushi with Pepitas and Maple-Tamari Reduction
makes 6 rolls

Let's do this.

2 cups sushi rice, washed until water runs clean
1 can coconut milk + half a cup of water

1 medium sweet potato, roasted, sliced to 1/2 inch strips
1 avocado, sliced to strips
6 sheets nori
2 cups roasted, salted pumpkin seeds, crushed

1 cup maple syrup
1 cup tamari soy sauce
1/2 tsp smoked habanero powder

sushi mat
sharp knife

Easy peasy.

Prep your rice as you would normal sushi rice, but leave out the rice vinegar. Cool to room temperature.

Meanwhile, combine your tamari, maple syrup, and habanero powder in a small saucepan. Simmer over medium-low heat 12-14 minutes, until reduced by half. Set aside.

Have your fillings at hand. Set up a separate plate for rolling your sushi in the crushed pumpkin seeds (ie, a spare cutting board). Be near a sink, for rinsing your knife in between cuts.

Cover your mat in plastic wrap, folding it around itself at the edges.

Press 2/3 cup sushi rice onto the plastic, about covering the area of one of your nori sheets. Press a sheet of nori in place over your square of rice. Place 3-4 potato strips and 5-6 slices of avocado at roll bottom, then bring the bottom edge up and using the mat, roll your sushi tightly, following through at the end, so that the riced nori sticks to itself.

Dust your spare cutting board with 1/2 cup pepitas and roll your sushi in the delish powder. Set roll aside.

Complete the rest of your rolls. If you have leftover rice/nori, try your hand at ....

Starting with a sharp knife that has been run under the faucet, slice your sushi into 8-10 pieces. Plate as you go, and drizzle your lovely rolls with tamari-maple reduction, when done.

Taking those babies to a party? Skewer each piece with a toothpick. Enjoy!


  1. I love the idea of pumpkin seeds on the outside! You win for sure! Also, sweet potato and avocado is a brilliant (and pretty) combination. So creamy.

  2. Thanks dearie! Yeah, it was super soft - thinking something like tempeh or even braised kale would have been lovely in there too.

  3. OMG these are beautiful! I love the everything about them!

  4. I want this right now... yummmmmmmm. Of course, I love anything sweet potato OR avocado.

  5. @mjskit - thanks honey :)

    @Sasha - funny, but true - sweet potatoes have only become a favorite flavor for me over the past few years. And now, I can't get enough!

  6. I loved this roll. I actually did put braised leeks and kale instead of avocado and they were amazing.

  7. That looks absolutely DELICIOUS! What a creative idea, putting sweet potatoes and pumpkin seeds in a nori roll.

  8. These are my favorite at our local sushi place. Sweet potatos and avocados, soooooo good.

  9. Wow! These looks great and love the color! I would probably do brown rice, to be a little healthier, even though white sticky rice is traditional sushi, but hey, these aren't traditional anyways. :-) This might even inspire me to try and make sushi!

  10. @inflammed - dude. That sounds amazing.

    @vegan - thanks homes!

    @Lizzy - nice! I've never seen it on a menu in Crown Town. Our vegan sushi scene = kinda suck.

    @anon - do eeeeet! Just make sure to use short grain brown, it'll stick easier :)

  11. Ohh I love it! Nice combination avocado with sweet potato!

  12. The amount of liquid for the sauce seems gigantic given that it is just to be used for drizzle. Does it really reduce down that much??

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