Monday, November 1, 2010

So many things.

So! After getting married, going to a funeral, and taking Honeymoon Vacay Numero Uno to San Fran last week, I'm finally ready to get back to bidness. The bidness of eating, picturing, and writing it all down, to be specific.

About San Fran, there's really only one thing to say: Chile Relleno Super Burrito. Good god. If you were on a certain transcontinental flight yesterday with an EXTREMELY rude person filling the plane with burrito vapors while rice, beans, and other less identifiable crumbs were flying about, landing on your under-the-seat-stowed carry-on, well, TOO BAD. Hope those 15 free peanuts were awesome.

(The moral of that chestnut - yes, you can carry 'ritos, multiple, onto planes. I guess they don't count Guac as a liquid or gel)

Until I get some delicious food pron up, I'll leave you with this:

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