Saturday, November 6, 2010

Winterhaul! Almost.

It is seriously chilling out this weekend - I've just harvested the last of the herbs, since it'll be freezing at some point this noche. What happened to Fall? Sigh.

Still, there were some gorgeous heads of Bibb lettuce at the market this morning. I worry for their younger brothers and sisters.

Neato find - small hibiscus flowers used in brewing Red Zinger tea. Awesome.

And in further celebration of consuming our weights in burritos last week (sob, I miss you SF!!!), I made brekkie burritos. Nowhere near as perfectly made as any taqueria (burritoria?) in the Mission, so that'll be a project: How To Stuff and Roll the Perfect Burrito. And it wasn't like I wasn't hawk-eyeing whoever was making my 'rito every time I stopped for one - they just move SO FAST it's hard to catch the details.

Could it have been an overloaded with fillings problem?

Hmm. Maybe.

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