Tuesday, November 8, 2011

On Gratins and Gratitude

And this time, no kidding, NO FOOLING, I'm back. With a new do, an even more effluent love of cashews, and lots of pretty pictures.

'Tis the season for gratin, aminotrite? Gorgeous, golden gratins. The above decadent slice is not only vegan, but gluten free, and sans refined sugar. Whole, healthy food, and local to boot. Lucky me, living above and near fields teeming with tubers. Ah, fall.

You might be looking around and noticing a couple of things. More white space, for one. Some ridiculously bright colors, could be another. Yup, it's finally happened - NoFacePlate has grown out of her angry, teenage years into something a little more... elegant? Easier to navigate, at least. But with a bright pink streak in her choppy hair. Hope ya dig.

I've got lots and lots of new flavors and techniques to share with you, my lovelies. There's still cheese to be found here and there in NFP land, but we're quietly heading towards a more plant based diet, day by day. It feels good to be chock full o' veggies. I'm sure you agree.

Well, veggies and vegan red velvet cake. Gotta have balance!